Wheelchair Accessibility
The Ryan Flyer Quadricycle offers countless benefits to the customer and to the everyday well being of how life is experienced.
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Wheelchair Accessibility

The Ryan Flyer Quadricycle offers countless benefits to the customer and to the everyday well being of how life is experienced.

One of the greatest values it provides is the fact that it is wheelchair accessible. Meaning, no transfer from your familiar , comfortable wheelchair to some foreign uncomfortable and potentially unsafe seating arrangement. The Ryan Flyer is truly designed with your comfort and confidence in stability in mind.

With the Ryan Flyer, you simply tilt the ramp back by using the single action lever on the side of the cycle and roll yourself into the ramp until it locks into place. No weird machinery, buttons, or clunky tech stuff in your way, just simple, safe, reliable, and vigorously tested functionality. This important feature allows you to always have your wheelchair with you.

Never be stranded again or wait for public transit to assist you into a vehicle, all on their time. Your time is now! Finally, you can decide when you want to go somewhere. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are reclaiming your independence, safely, respectfully, and in style.

Until now, bicycling for people confined to wheelchairs has been uncomfortable and quite frankly unsafe in many cases causing more harm than good to the customer. Always having to be transferred and strapped or unstrapped, pushed, pulled, or prodded and rarely able to be unattended in case of any malfunctions or mishaps along the way.

For many the desire to be out on a bicycle enjoying the outside world has always been there but oftentimes the joy gets overcome by the fears and uncertainty of previously available cycles.

The inventor of the Ryan Flyer was very saddened by this. Watching friends sitting around outside alone in their wheelchair or hanging out in a hallway, you know, alive but not really living and having personally experienced the disheartening isolation of being stranded or unable to just go for a ride around the block.

The answer was clear to him. Knowing the problem he knew that the solution was to incorporate a ramp to a cycle so that there were no longer concerns of safety and reliability.

Providing the ability to have your own wheelchair with you at all times and the ability to go out and explore the world again, is, in this writer’s opinion, the finest form of wheelchair accessibility in the world.

With the Ryan Flyer, the risk of ever being stuck on the side of the road somewhere and unable to go for help if necessary is eliminated thanks to the self loading ramp. The fact that the passenger is never without mobility and never has to be transferred offers a wide variety of advantages. Also, with the wheelchair accessible ramp there is no longer a need for a driver or any other passenger to assist while riding the quadricycle.

Once locked into position, the wheelchair automatically goes into the position required for utmost safety leaving the passenger with the simple task of locking their wheels on their chair, something that any person in a wheelchair is already very familiar.

Then you simply use the motorcycle type throttle to take off and experience the thrill of the open road.

After you are finished with the venture, you need only park, secure the brakes, power down, and pull the lever to drop the ramp. The wheelchair naturally and safely rolls backwards out of the quadricycle.

Gone are the days of sitting around in isolation waiting for someone else to take you somewhere. With all the incredible features of the Ryan Flyer you will become quite prone to saying, “No thank you, I don’t need a ride.” Smiling and waving as you cruize
past them proudly declaring your independence.

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