Welcome to Ryan Flyer Wheelchair accessible quadricycles.
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Welcome to Ryan Flyer, home of the first and only line of wheelchair accessible quadricycles and trikes.

How many times have you sat around on a nice day, waiting for a ride or just wishing you could get out and ride a bike? Now you can. Just roll in, lock up and take off!

There are times when taking a car someplace is the best option. Ryan Flyer wheelchair accessible quadricycles and trikes are not designed to replace the car. They are designed to reduce the need to take a car, and you get to have some serious fun in the process.

Ryan Flyer electric and pedal assisted quadricycles are super easy to mount and dismount and are as fun or more fun than riding a bicycle. They will do 20 mph easily, have great range and best of all, you never leave your chair. No transferring! You have your chair with you when you get where you’re going.

Be sure to check out our Video and Picture Gallery to see our products in action.

We are currently accepting orders for the quadricycle. It is available in the primary color of your choice. (inquire about custom colors.) please visit our order page.

With great love and great respect, we welcome you all with open hearts.

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