The Power of a Smile
The Ryan flyer wheelchair accessible quadricycle. No transfering , no hassle, easy to get in and out. Electric powered and electric pedal assist. No more waiting for rides!
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wheelchair accessible cycling

The Power of a Smile

Maybe some of the best advice I have ever received in my life is to smile and laugh as often as possible, even when you don’t want to. In order to cherish our laughter and light up the world with our smiles, it is imperative to never take a cheesy grin for granted.


One small word that sounds so simple and yet packs a powerhouse punch against the suffering inherent with our human condition. Nowadays, there seem to be a lot of things trying to bury our joyous childlike laughter and that sense of wonder we all once had when we were younger. You know, back in the “good ole days.”

The Ryan Flyer has become one key to the door that unlocks that kid at heart inside myself. The one I may not let out as often as I should. This thing is fun! Pure and simple, FUN! From the moment the power comes on and I embark on my cycling adventure, the joy that ignites the soul will has me smiling for miles. And not just me, but everyone around me will begin to catch the smiley bug. There are so many places the Ryan Flyer can take me to experience the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Riding a Ryan Flyer helps me recapture the fire in my heart and to have fun again, smile, laugh, explore, and to most of all, to seize the moment!

No more waiting around for someone to come to take you anywhere you need to go, no more feeling like a burden or dependent on others for wanting to embrace what is yours by birthright in the first place. No more wishing you could go for a bike ride around the block when the walls begin to close in around you. When the sun is shining and all you want to do is feel the warmth on your face, you can just go for a bike ride like anyone else! Ride on your own time at your own pace. You just roll into the Ryan Flyer, lock the wheels and be on your way. You will be having fun and smiling in no time and all from the comfort of your own wheelchair.

During my many many rides on the Ryan Flyer, I realized that this may be the start of something big! A way to share laughter and smiles with the world. I have always said, “If I can make just one person smile every day then I have done well.” If I could get one person to ride the Ryan Flyer every day I know for a fact my life would have a purpose. There would be smiles flying as far as the eye could see.

Every time I have gone for a ride I am laughing like a little girl and the problems of life, even if only for a moment, seem to fade away. Before I know it, the only thing I can think about is how much fun I am having and wishing everyone who is confined to their homes were sharing in this feeling with me.

With the biggest cheesiest grin on my face, lips stuck to my gums, bugs in my teeth (not really), I wonder if there was a way to NOT have fun while riding the Ryan Flyer. My friends, the answer to that thus far, is no. I challenge you to not smile while you are on your Ryan Flyer. I really don’t think it can be done.


Kara Ryan

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