No Thank You I Don’t Need A Ride
Read how one Ryan Flyer rider's life was changed by the Ryan Flyer wheelchair accessible quadricycle.
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alternative to hand cycle

No Thank You I Don’t Need A Ride

      We have all said to ourselves at one point in our lives, “if only I could ….”.  Imagine for just a moment that you can. You can without limitations in any situation.

    Now imagine for a moment walking down a sandy beach and out of nowhere your legs suddenly disappear. All in an instant you find yourself desperate for control, knowing that you must find a way to move yourself away from the ocean current before you drift out to sea. Suddenly you find yourself face to face with an obstacle that many individuals face every day, that issue is independent mobility.

      Life in a wheelchair is burden enough to bear bringing with it a whole new way of discovering life and the world around you. Without a vehicle adequately equipped to utilize all of the features needed to allow wheelchair friendly transportation, life outside of your everyday walls can seem like a stranger at times.

      The convenience of calling a friend to meet for lunch or go to the park, necessary trips to your local corner market, riding a bicycle and enjoying the fresh summer air, doctor appointments, among many other every day tasks become a chaotic mess of proper planning, waiting for rides, waiting to be transferred from wheelchair to transportation, waiting on the phone, waiting for waiting, and then more waiting.

       People always look at you with the same expressions depending on what side of your waiting to live door they pass through. Most of the time they just feel sorry for you and that you’re in a wheelchair, or so they say, but they just assume if they push your chair out of traffic they are in the running for some gold medal from the chariots of the disability gods.

       If you ask to be picked up for anything to go anyplace at all, even if it’s just around the block, all of that pity suddenly turns into resentment because they had to interrupt their busy lives for half an hour to show up and help you get transferred into the vehicle, and then figure out how to fold up the wheelchair and stuff it carelessly into the back somewhere until they can dump you and it off at your destination, all the while smirking and tapping that meter on the dashboard or their internal “I did this for you that one time, remember?” recall-o-meter for when they guilt trip you for it later. And people always wonder how I can be so bitter?

       Well, finally I am going to tell all of them what I’ve wanted to say for the longest time! I have waited for this day and I will not back down. No longer will they take my money and happiness from me as I get stuck in limbo using the “party” line of transportation.

       The Ryan Flyer LLC has custom designed an electric powered quad that is fully functional from the comfort of my wheelchair! No waiting for someone to show up, or to be transferred, or dependence on anyone to control where and when I go some where. Proudly, with smiles for miles, I pilot my own journey and kindly say unto you,  “No thank you, I don’t need a ride.”


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