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Prototype #1

To test the concept we built the first prototype out of steel-reinforced PVC.

We used a rear ramp which was long and difficult to board, but based on people's reactions, we knew we were onto something!
Prototype #2
It was around this time we met Ike Reynolds, who shared our passion for the concept. Ike took the tilting floor idea to a new level when he built this prototype.
Prototype #3

We decided to beef up the frame from 3/4" to 1". We also shortened the front end redesigned the tilting floor. We also went with a bigger battery for reliability and range.

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U.S. patent number 10,501,139 [Application Number 15/686,370] was granted by the patent office on 2019-12-10 for wheelchair accessible cycle. This patent grant is currently assigned to Ryan Flyer. The grantee listed for this patent is Ryan Flyer, LLC. Invention is credited to Ike Reynolds, Dale Ryan, Kara Ryan.

Instructions For Use

Before you get onto a RyanFlyer you MUST read these Instructions and watch the training videos: CLICK HERE

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