Frequently Asked Questions
Ryan Flyer's most frequently asked questions.
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Welcome to the FAQS page. Our most commonly asked questions are answered below.

If you don’t find your answer, please ask us at

How fast is it?

According to most state and federal guidelines, the top allowable speed of a quadricycle is 20 or 25 mph. If you go faster, you could get a ticket.

What is the range of the battery?

Depending on your weight load and how you drive it, you should get around 15 miles per charge on the battery that is included. (That is without pedaling.)  Ad a solar charger and you might run all day!


Keep in mind that if you are full throttle and doing doughnuts in the parking lot, your range will decrease. I personally ride pretty easily, around 15 mph and I have battery life left over after 10 miles.

What kind of battery comes with it?

The battery included with the Ryan Flyer Quadricycle is a 48 volt, 1500 watt high-end Lithium-ion battery pack. Our batteries are tested for quality and guaranteed for 12 months.


Our batteries come sealed in a key locked custom case for security, easy portability and all-weather use. We include a battery charger that uses a standard Anderson SB50 Powerpole connector for easy connection and disconnection.


You can find a wide range of batteries that could extend your range. They are expensive though and would have priced us out of the market. Most of our riders find that the average 15 miles per charge is plenty. Let us know if you feel you need more range.

How long does the battery take to recharge?

The standard battery included with the quadricycle charges fully from 0% to 100% in 2.5 to 4 hours using the included charger. The charger plugs in to any standard wall outlet.


The battery can either be charged while still connected to the quadricycle or it can be easily removed from the quadricycle and charged indoors.

Do you have to pedal it?

No, you don’t have to use the pedals. Many of our riders cannot use them at all, but some can and do. There are 5 levels of electric motor pedal assistance that makes pedaling possible for our riders with limited strength in their legs. It can be excellent physical therapy!

Why does it even have pedals?

In short, because it is a quadricycle, which by definition in most states requires it to be capable of being pedal powered. Laws do not require that the operator be capable of actually using the pedals.


Remove the pedals and it becomes a Slow Moving Vehicle, which would require seat belts,  insurance, tags and can’t be driven on bicycle paths or side walks.


Plus, many of our riders have enough use of their legs to pedal the quadricycle, especially when using the electric motor’s pedal assistance.

Is it legal to Ride?

That may depend on where you live and where you intend to ride it.


The Ryan Flyer quadricycle fits the legal description of a quadricycle. State and local laws vary. Ryan Flyer does not claim to comply with local, regional, and state usage regulations because every state and municipality can require anything they wish in regards to electric powered quadricycles using their bicycle paths, sidewalks and public roads.


For example, an electric powered quadricycle is street legal in California so long as the operator is either handicapped or retired. Considering that the Ryan Flyer Quadricycle is designed exclusively for riders in wheelchairs, there has been no little legal resistance to their use, so far. Our riders are ultimately responsible for researching and obeying the laws in their own locales.


We are treading new territory here. No law maker in their right mind wants to be the one to deny a handicapped person the right to go on a bike ride like anyone else.

How old do I need to be to ride one?

There is no federal legal age requirement, but some states and municipalities do have minimum age requirements for electric assisted bikes. Riders are ultimately responsible for researching and obeying the laws in their own locales.


We recommend that you be tall enough to reach the handle bars, strong enough to maintain control of the quadricycle, and mature enough to operate it safely and responsibly. In some areas, bicycle helmets may be required for riders under a certain age.


Keep in mind that this is not a low speed vehicle. It is a quadricycle designed specifically for people in wheelchairs, young and not so young. If my grandson in his wheelchair wants to go out and ride bikes with his friends then that is what he has a right to do. If the laws have not caught up to that right yet, then it is time they do.


So far nobody has been ticketed riding a Ryan Flyer Quadricycle. If it does happen we expect the law to be updated to accommodate the rights of the handicapped riders, regardless of age.

How much weight can it carry?

The Ryan Flyer Quadricycle can carry a payload of 350 lbs, which includes the rider and wheelchair. Most electric wheelchairs will be too heavy to use on our quadricycles, but not the KD SMART CHAIR!

How well does it perform on hills?

The Ryan Flyer Quadricycle is designed to handle hills. The motor is geared low and the controller is programmed for high torque in order to maximize climbing ability.


We have parking garages near our shop that are favorite places to ride. We climb the ramps numerous times, faster than we would with a conventional bicycle, and with enough reserve to do it multiple times.


One thing we have observed is when the battery gets below 1/3 charge it can temporarily shut off going up a steep hill. Knowing this we simply adjust our route accordingly to avoid steep hills if our battery is low. Upgrading your battery would likely prevent this.


The ability of the rider to operate the pedals can also be a factor. The pedal gearing can be optimized by using a larger or smaller sprocket combination or by installing a seven speed gearing system. Any competent bike shop can do this easily for you.

What is “electric assist”?

A Ryan Flyer Quadricycle can be used just like any other bike or trike that only needs the strength in the riders legs to make it go.


However, that isn’t possible for most of our riders. For riders with limited use of their legs, our quadricycles come equipped with an Electric Pedal Assist feature. There are 5 levels of pedal assistance that will tell the motor how much power the rider wants to assist in their pedaling.


You can let the motor do all the work, or any combination of the two.

What happens if I break down somewhere?

The first thing you should do is thank your lucky stars you are riding a Ryan Flyer Quadricycle. If you were in a handcycle, scooter, electric wheelchair or any other mobility device you would be stuck on it until help arrived. I have seen it happen and I can only imagine how it must feel.


With a Ryan Flyer Quadricycle you can at least get out of the quadricycle. Still in your wheelchair you can either fix the problem yourself or maneuver to safe location while help arrives.

How easy is it to repair?

Much like a bicycle, all moving parts on a Ryan Flyer Quadricycle are easily within reach. Most owners can maintain and make basic repairs using common hand tools.


Alternately, any competent bike mechanic will have the skills necessary to handle any maintenance and repairs.

How much does t weigh?

The RyanFlyer weighs in at 200 lbs. Heavy enough to be safe yet light enough to lift the front end and move it around.

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions of a Ryan Flyer Quadricycle are roughly:


4′ wide
6′ 5″  long
4′ 10″ tall


The ramp is 29 3/4″ wide and has a 12 degree pitch.

I’m relatively tall/short. Can the handlebars be adjusted?

Of Course! The handlebars  have 10″ extension, height and angle adjustments. We have riders of about all heights.

Do I need the use of both arms/legs?

Legs are not required to ride a Ryan Flyer Quadricycle. However, both arms and hands need to be capable of steering, operating the throttle and brakes.

What size are the tires? Are they easy to change?

All of the wheels use standard sized 20″ bicycle tires.


The front wheels do not even need to be removed to repair a flat! If you do want to remove a wheel, the front wheels are each held to their axle with a single bolt.


The rear wheels has a conventional axle with two nuts holding it in place and therefore the wheel would need to be removed to change a tube or tire. That simply requires loosening two nuts!

What colors are available?

The Ryan Flyer Quadricycle powder coat paint is currently available in orange, green, blue, yellow, white, black and pink.  Custom colors are available for a small fee.

Where do I put my stuff?

Most riders understand that the Ryan Flyer Quadricycle is not a car or van but rather an alternative bicycle. Fortunately, there are ways to bring home some groceries on your quadricycle.


Saddle bags seem to be the most popular and stylish solution. Personally, I keep a couple of small net bags with me while riding. I put items in those bags and tie them to the frame. Heavier items I simply store under my chair.

Is a windshields/body available?

Not at this time. If you want something like that, there are likely places where you live that can fabricate something for you.


We don’t put windshields and bodies on Ryan Flyer Quadricycles for the primary reason that we are not trying to create or replace a car, or do we want to be classified as a LSV ( Low Speed Vehicle). A Ryan Flyer quadricycle is equivalent to a bicycle, providing a bicycle experience for people in wheelchairs.

What about snow and rain?

What happens when it snows or rains while someone is riding a bicycle? The Ryan Flyer Quadricycle is not a car and we do not want to look like one. If you look  like a car The Law will treat you like a car.


However, adding a plexiglass windshield, coupled with the top would likely keep you dry in a light rain. For snow? You have a better chance of getting around in a quadricycle than you would on a bike, especially with studded tires.

I live where there is a lot of snow and ice, are studded tires an option?

We will be sure to put studded tires in our Part Department section of the website, just as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can order 20″ studded tires, and have them installed if you like, from your local bicycle shop.

Does it come fully assembled or do I have to put it together? Can I buy a kit?

The Ryan Flyer Quadricycle is shipped fully assembled. Each quadricycle goes through an extensive Quality Assurance Process to ensure years of reliable service.


At this time, we do not provide kits. However, that is not outside the realm of possibility.

How do I stop someone from stealing it? Does it lock?

It isn’t easy to steal a Ryan Flyer Quadricycle. It can be secured with a standard bicycle lock attached to a wheel or frame in a number of locations.


The quadricycle requires a key that can be removed when you are away from the quadricycle.


We are currently testing different bicycle alarms and tracking devices for additional layers of theft protection.

Does it have a radio/sound system?

No. Not at this time, but then neither do most bicycles. Most people on bicycles use smart phones and ear buds when they want to listen to music.


Having said that we may make a sound system available in the future, but it is not a high priority. Battery usage and range are our biggest priorities right now.

Is financial assistance or financing available?

Not at the time of this writing but it is something that we will be working on.

Can you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We will be happy to work with you to arrange the cheapest and most convenient shipping.

What is your warranty policy?

See a PDF of our warranty here:  Ryan Flyer Warranty

New Top Secret Stuff

Dale has been spending a lot of time in our top secret laboratory, working on ways to make the Ryan Flyer quadricycle even more awesome. There are some new models about to roll out as soon as they pass the kara testing.


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