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Ryan Flyer, LLC is located in Wichita, KS. Our patented electric-powered quadricycles are designed to enable wheelchair-bound individuals the freedom to enjoy the bicycling experience without the need to transfer out of their wheelchairs.  

Each unit is hand-built in Wichita KS to ensure top quality.

Dale and Kara Ryan came up with the idea of a wheelchair accessible quadricycle while Dale was recovering from a heart attack.

They wanted a quadricycle to get around in but there wasn’t one that was wheelchair accessible. There wasn’t even one that would allow a wheelchair to be taken along.


If they couldn’t buy one then they would build one, or maybe one thousand.

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It All Started With a Heart Attack

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It Is Funded By A Great Entrepreneur

Ron Ryan, retired owner, and president of Ryan International Airlines is backing the business, from idea to production, he has been incredibly generous with his time and money.

Aside from being Dale’s Father and mentor, Mr. Ryan a former Admiral of the Wichita River Festival, active in Wichita’s Midian Shrine, Kansas Food Bank Warehouse, Boy Scouts of America, Friends of McConnell Air Force Base, the Downtown Rotary, Commemorative Air Force, Junior Achievement of Wichita and several other organizations.

Without his guidance, ideas, and steadfast belief in the project there would not be a RyanFlyer today. We love this guy!

Ike Reynolds is the owner of Reynolds Welding & Manufacturing and he's the brains behind this operation.

Ike came on board shortly after seeing the first PVC prototype and he told us that if we ever wanted to make one out of steel, he wanted in. 

His experience is matched only by his passion to see the RyanFlyer in full production. Also, kudos for not giving up during Dale's numerous prototype changes!

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It's Fabricated By a Mechanical Wizard 

RyanFlyer Wheelchair Accessible Quadricycles are hand-built to order in

The Air Capital of The World, Wichita Kansas.

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