The RyanFlyer is the one and only electric-powered wheelchair accessible quadricycle in production. No transfer required. Just roll up, lock-in and go!
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 Welcome to

Home of the Wheelchair Accessible Quadricycle

Exercise Your Right To Ride!


Custom order a RyanFlyer Quadricycle or chose from one of our demo models.

We also carry a full line of parts and accessories.


No handicap gouging! The RyanFlyer Quadricycle is the LEAST expensive electric quadricycle on the market.

quadicycle -smile

Everything you need to know about the RyanFlyer Wheelchair Accessible Quadricycle and then some. Keep up with the latest developments!


RyanFlyer Quadricycles are custom built to order.  Let’s start building one for you today.

wheelchair cycling

See how easy it is to roll on board, lock-in and take off. Gliding out of it is even easier. You will love the RyanFlyer’s quickness and responsiveness.


Watch a RyanFlyer go from raw steel to the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

“Bicycles connect us to a sense of purpose and freedom.

They allow us to experience our surroundings without walls,

on a grander scale, liberated.”


It's So Much Fun!

It is almost impossible not to have a big smile on your face while riding this quad. Be prepared to do a lot of waving!

It So Fast!

Get you where you need to go at 25 mph instead of 4 mph.

You Don't Have To Pedal

But if you want to pedal, you have full electric power or 5 levels of electric pedal assistance. Great for physical therapy!

It's Just The Right Size

Small enough to fit on most sidewalks and bicycle paths. You can avoid the traffic!

It's Built In Wichita, KS (USA)

The Air Capital of the world is also the Quadricycle Capital of the world!

You Don't Have To Transfer

The tilting ramp makes it safe and easy to mount and dismount. Take your wheelchair with you wherever you go!

It's Powerful

With the 1500 watt Electric Hub Motor, you can feel the acceleration. There's plenty of power to pass bicycles, get up hills and up driveways.

It Offers Independence

No more waiting for a ride just to go to the store or even across town.

It Has Zero Emissions

No carbon emissions, and complete independence from fossil fuels.

Because Chicks Dig It

Seriously. Riding the Ryan Flyer is like driving an exotic car. People gather around them everywhere you go.

It's Beats a Handcycle

No sprocket in your face! There is a time and place for most handcycles. The time is ``rarely`` and the place is ``in the For Sale section of the want ads``.

It Has a 350 lbs Payload

It can carry you and your wheelchair, with room for your groceries!

It Has a Low center of Gravity

Enjoy the way it hugs the road when you take corners. It's almost impossible to tip over.

It's Affordable

It's less expensive than other electric-powered quadricycles, golf carts and even high-end handcycles. Why? Because we just want to make a living, not a killing.

Wheelchair Accessible Cycles by RyanFlyer

Yes – We filed for Patents in 2016 and 2017 as Wheelchair Accessible Quadricycles and Trikes!